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Nail Services
The Naked manicure (no polish)
30 mins service time
Enjoy all the benefits of a manicure without the polish. Perfect for those that their careers don’t allow any polish or coating but that wish for neat and tidy nails.
The Traditional manicure (standard polish)
45 mins service time
Classic nail polish.
Removes simply and effortlessly with just a swipe of a remover soaked cotton pad
The Shellac manicure (gel polish)
45 min service time, ideal for those with wanting nice nails faster.
Lasts up to 14 days (can be more depending on nail condition and wear)
90 colours to choose from.
Easy to remove and can be done at home with correct removal products, available to purchase in salon.
Add removal onto your next manicure by adding Pre Service Removal from the add on menu.
Most suited to those that have nails in good condition and prefer a more frequent salon visit at around 2 weekly intervals, or perfect for that one off occasion due to its easy removal.
Gel Extra manicure (layer of biab)
This is the one with a thin layer of Biab (CND Shaper Gel)
Service time around 55 mins
Lasts around 2-3 weeks
Up to 90 colours to choose from.
Suitable for those that want a quicker service time with a stronger set of nails due to the hidden layer of Biab.
The polish can be soaked off at the next visit ready for reapplication of a new colour (please add Pre Service Removal from the add on section).
Or removed and nails manicured and left product free. It is advised this is done in salon by choosing Gel Polish Removal or it can be done at home with correct homecare products and instructions, although not as easy and quick due to the added layer of gel.
The Incognito manicure (no colour only strength)
Around 1hr service time The strength of structured builder gel or Biab without colour.
Available in crystal clear or natural.
This product can either be maintained at future salon visits or removed and nails left tidy and product free.
For maintenance please Removal price will depend on length, please enquire before booking.
Ultimate Gel Manicure (structured builder gel/biab)
Service time around 75 mins
Lasts around 3-4 weeks
Over 250 colours to choose from
The strongest manicure with the gel built onto the nail creating strength whilst maintaining a slim profile.
Most popular regular salon service.
Removal either soak off or file off depending on most suited builder gel and always should be removed in salon.
Removal not required if maintaining the look as the gel is reduced and re-balanced (please book Re-balance/Maintenance).
Suitable for the weakest nails and the ones that struggle to keep other coatings on. It is simply the Ultimate Gel Manicure.
Transformation manicure (added length/extensions)
Service time up to 2 hrs
Maintenance required every 2-3 weeks, the gel is reduced and re-balanced. (Please book Re-balance/Maintenance)
This service is the same as the Ultimate Gel Manicure but with added length.
Over 250 colours to choose from
Removal either soak off or file off depending on most suited builder gel and always should be removed in salon.
Suitable for the shortest nails, that may be different lengths or bitten down, or simply want stunning length to already good nails. This will transform them.
Nail art
can be added to any of the services and has been placed into three categories.
If you have anything particular in mind, do email over some photos to or
via text to 07989 575601. Many of my clients also ask to be guided towards what to have for their next set. If that suits you better, just book the nail art for your budget and time and we can go from there. Examples of nail art and their categories can be found on the salon Instagram page.
Services and prices are listed under the BOOKING tab.

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