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Brands available within the salon.

The nail industry has grown exponentially over the last 10 years with the introduction of many new products and brands, not all of which add value to our industry. This can be confusing to the consumer, therefore it is vital now more than ever the client choose their Nail Tech with care. A knowledgeable tech understands how to navigate these products and offer good quality products and services in a safe and effective way to achieve positive results.
CND Creative Nail Design
is a global leader, manufactured in the USA with its high quality ingredients, standards, training and ethics.
I trained with CND (renowned for CND Shellac) so they were always going to feature in the salon.
CND Shellac is the original and only Shellac. A high-quality gel polish which is the easiest in the industry to remove makes this a perfect choice for those seeking a long lasting colour with a lightweight feel (Gel Polish manicure).
CND Plexigel can enhance the wear of your colour (Gel polish EXTRA) or can add ultimate strength when built onto the nail (Ultimate Gel Manicure).
Light Elegance
is the brand I reach to when creating most extensions (Transformation Manicure) and around half of my building gel services (Ultimate Gel Manicure). It is manufactured in the USA by a family business that comprises of Jim McConnell, renowned nail chemist and his wife Lesley, Nail Technician. Together they had the experience and vision to see what the industry needs and what new to bring to the table. I absolutely love that Jim and his team manufacture the product in their own laboratories situated in Oregon. Jim’s expert knowledge means techs can continue to learn about the best way forward in the industry irrespective of brand choice.
Light Elegance Lexi line is a range of hard gels, each one different to allow the tech to tailor make the perfect set for the clients individual needs. The buttercreams are teeny pots of colour perfection that allow beautiful colours with zero bulk.

Clear nails with faded colour tips
Individually  coloured nails
Gel lacour containers
Silver metallic nails
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